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MySQL_Driver Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

int api_version ()
 get api version
void commit (void *aconnection)
void connect (char *url, SQL_Driver_services &services, void **connection_ref)
void disconnect (void *aconnection)
const char * initialize (char *dlopen_file_spec)
 initialize driver by loading sql dynamic link library
bool ping (void *aconnection)
void query (void *aconnection, const char *astatement, size_t placeholders_count, Placeholder *placeholders, unsigned long offset, unsigned long limit, SQL_Driver_query_event_handlers &handlers)
const char * quote (void *aconnection, const char *from, unsigned int length)
void rollback (void *aconnection)

Private Types

typedef void(STDCALL * t_mysql_close )(MYSQL *)
typedef char *(STDCALL * t_mysql_error )(MYSQL *)
typedef unsigned long(STDCALL * t_mysql_escape_string )(char *to, const char *from, unsigned long from_length)
typedef MYSQL_FIELD *(STDCALL * t_mysql_fetch_field )(MYSQL_RES *result)
typedef unsigned long *(STDCALL * t_mysql_fetch_lengths )(MYSQL_RES *result)
typedef MYSQL_ROW(STDCALL * t_mysql_fetch_row )(MYSQL_RES *result)
typedef unsigned int(STDCALL * t_mysql_field_count )(MYSQL *)
typedef void(STDCALL * t_mysql_free_result )(MYSQL_RES *result)
typedef MYSQL *(STDCALL * t_mysql_init )(MYSQL *)
typedef unsigned int(STDCALL * t_mysql_num_fields )(MYSQL_RES *)
typedef int(STDCALL * t_mysql_options )(MYSQL *mysql, enum mysql_option option, const char *arg)
typedef int(STDCALL * t_mysql_ping )(MYSQL *)
typedef int(STDCALL * t_mysql_query )(MYSQL *, const char *q)
typedef MYSQL *(STDCALL * t_mysql_real_connect )(MYSQL *, const char *host, const char *user, const char *passwd, const char *db, unsigned int port, const char *unix_socket, unsigned int clientflag)
typedef void(STDCALL * t_mysql_server_end )()
typedef MYSQL_RES *(STDCALL * t_mysql_store_result )(MYSQL *)

Private Member Functions

void _exec (Connection &connection, const char *statement)
void _throw (Connection &connection, const char *aerr_msg)
bool _transcode_required (Connection &connection)
const char * dlink (const char *dlopen_file_spec)

Static Private Member Functions

static char *STDCALL subst_mysql_error (MYSQL *mysql)
static unsigned int STDCALL subst_mysql_field_count (MYSQL *mysql)
static unsigned int STDCALL subst_mysql_num_fields (MYSQL_RES *res)

Private Attributes

t_mysql_close mysql_close
t_mysql_error mysql_error
t_mysql_escape_string mysql_escape_string
t_mysql_fetch_field mysql_fetch_field
t_mysql_fetch_lengths mysql_fetch_lengths
t_mysql_fetch_row mysql_fetch_row
t_mysql_field_count mysql_field_count
t_mysql_free_result mysql_free_result
t_mysql_init mysql_init
t_mysql_num_fields mysql_num_fields
t_mysql_options mysql_options
t_mysql_ping mysql_ping
t_mysql_query mysql_query
t_mysql_real_connect mysql_real_connect
t_mysql_server_end mysql_server_end
t_mysql_store_result mysql_store_result

Detailed Description

MySQL server driver

Definition at line 89 of file parser3mysql.C.

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